Edge-Avoiding -Trous Wavelets in WebCL

This page shows a simple implementation of Edge-Avoiding -Trous Wavelets in WebCL. Currently, no browser natively supports WebCL. This code was tested with the WebCL plugin for Firefox developed by Nokia.

The image on the left is decomposed automatically after the page is loaded. Use the buttons above the image to display the individual layers of the decomposition. The synthesized result is shown on the right. Each of the five layers can be scaled separately with the sliders above the image.

For more information, see:
[1] Hanika, J., Dammertz, H. and Lensch, H. (2011): Edge-Optimized -Trous Wavelets for Local Contrast Enhancement with Robust Denoising. Computer Graphics Forum, 30, p. 1879-1886.
[2] Dammertz, H., Sewtz, D., Hanika, J. and Lensch, H. (2010): Edge-Avoiding A-Trous Wavelet Transform for fast Global Illumination Filtering. Proceedings of HPG 2010, p. 67-75.

Level 0:
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Level 1:
Level 2:
Level 3:
Level 4:

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